Hi! I’m Xin Hu.

I’m a Full Stack Web Developer at Nvidia. I graduated from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with two Master’s degrees – ECE and Data Science. I’m experienced in Software Engineering and machine learning.

Previously, I was a research assistant in a driver stress assessment project at the University of Michigan – Dearborn where I was responsible for data collection, analysis, and model. Since starting my master’s program, my interests have changed to web development. I really enjoy the challenge of meeting functional requirements and building new features while being creative and creating a user-friendly and appealing web application.

Computer Skills

Java, Python, Golang, SQL, Django, Flask, React, Angular, PyTorch, WordPress, MongoDB, Tableau, Git/GitHub, Node.js, Vue.js

My courses

I mainly take courses at EECS (Electrical & Computer Science Department) and SI (School of Information).


  • EECS 484 Database Management Systems A+
  • SI 507 Intermediate Programming A+
  • EECS 504. Foundations of Computer Vision A+
  • SI 539 Design of Complex Websites A+
  • SI 664 Database Application A
  • EECS 551 Matrix Methods for Signal Processing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning A
  • EECS 489 Computer Networks A+
  • SI 670 Applied Machine Learning A+
  • EECS 402 Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers A+
  • EECS 548 (SI 649) Information Visualization A+
  • EECS 501 Probability and Random Processes A+
  • EECS 403 Graduate Foundations of Data Structures and Algorithms A+
  • SI 618 Data Manipulation and Analysis A
  • STATS 503 Statistical Learning II: Multivariate Analysis A-
  • STATS 500 Statistical Learning I: Linear Regression A
  • STATS 504 Principles and Practices in Effective Statistical Consulting A-

Work Experience

Johnson & Johnson (Python, Angular, Git, AWS) Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Data Science Intern at Medical Devices Commercial Data Science Team
Jun 2021 – Dec 2021
Developed data visualization web interface for medical device data communication from user to the price optimization algorithm.

  • Used Angular and Bootstrap4 to build a web interface for users to input, edit data and overview the optimized results.
  • Developed RESTful APIs with Python to integrate with data science algorithms.
  • Deployed front end and back end to Amazon EC2 for users to access.

Guarankey (Golang, React, Git, AWS) Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Full-stack Software Engineering Intern
Jun 2020 – Aug 2020

Developed Zillow-liked dynamic web interface for users to sign up, list property, update user’s profile and verify email in a 5-engineering group.

  • Built RESTful APIs with Golang to handle HTTP requests and responses.
  • Designed 10 tables with 150+ variables in Postgres relational database to store user data.
  • Built responsive and dynamic web pages utilizing React, Bootstrap4, and Semantic UI based on UI team design.
  • Deployed front end and back end to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for users to access.

My projects

My projects cover HTML/CSS, JDBC, Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQL. You can click on them to explore.