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You can click this video link to see how this website works.

Goal for this website

The COVID-19 pandemic is risking our lives and I want to provide a website to illustrate the situation of it worldwide, including:

  1. Build the latest COVID-19 map for the world using Covid19 API
  2. Build the latest COVID-19 map for the US by crawling New York Times Coronavirus websites.
  3. Visualize the latest county cases in user-selected states by bar plot.
  4. Plot COVID-19 projections for US states like estimated total deaths, needed beds, etc. in the future several months.

Data Source

  1. New York Times Coronavirus websites
  2. Covid19 API
  3. COVID-19 Projections

Interaction and Presentation Plans

I have built a website by Django to provide 4 visualization options for users, including World Cases, US State Cases, US County Cases, US Projection, whose instruction and links are shown on the home page. The front-end is built by Bootstrap 4. The home page is shown below.

1. World Cases page

For World Cases page, it shows today’s world map of COVID19, where users can select Confirmed, Deaths, and Recovered for the world map. Default is Confirmed. A country has more cases and will has a deeper color than other countries. When users hover the map, it will show the exact case number for the country.

2. US State Cases page

For US State Cases page, it shows today’s US map of COVID19, where user can select Confirmed, Confirmed Per Capita (per 100,000 people), Deaths, Deaths Per Capita to show. Default is also Confirmed. When users hover the map, it will show the exact case number for the state. Also, a state has more cases and will has deeper color than other states.

3. US County Cases page

For US County Cases, it can show all counties, top 5 counties, or top 10 counties of user-selected states in user-selected fields including Confirmed, Confirmed Per Capita, Deaths, Deaths Per Capita by bar plot. The data has been sorted by the selected field and the bar plot from left to right is in descending order. The default is Michigan, Confirmed, all counties.

4. US Projection page

For US Projection, it shows projected daily needed medical resources, daily death number, and total death number from covid19 start to future for selected state by users. This includes 4 line charts for each state. The first is medical resources needed which shows all needed beds, needed ICU beds, and needed invasive ventilation together. The second is the medical resources shortage which shows all needed beds shortage and needed ICU beds shortage together. The third is deaths per day. The fourth is the total deaths. Users can select all states they want. The default is the whole US.

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